San Francamping

It felt good being away from the base for some time, but it felt even better to come back. 
San Francisco was amazing. It was so beautiful and each day there was something new to learn and experience about the city and it’s people. It was cool hearing about all the different ministries they were doing in San Fran and the rest of the US. It makes me excited for what God is calling me to do in the future. 

After San Francisco we went straight to a campsite in the wilderness. We went from a busy city to the quiet nature. ”I thought LA was supposed to be warm.” I don’t think anyone was prepared for the cold nights. Each night were a different experience for me. I spent the first night in the hammock freezing and got maybe 1-2 hours sleep. I spent the second night by the fire and didn’t sleep at all. I wasn’t cold though. And finally, the last night I slept in the tent, and it was perfect. So yes, I’ve learned that body heat is the only was to go when you’re camping. Ugh, I should have just slept in the tent all the time. 

What was amazing though, was that everyone had such a great mood even though almost none of us got a good amount of sleep. Our class is pretty dope. 

Archie’s teaching taught me a lot about the importance of being silent and listening. Not only being silent, like not speaking, but also trying to silent your own thoughts and trying to focus only on Him. The prayer of examine, I don’t know if that was the name… However, it made me really think and made me wanting to be more intentional to show appreciation and loving others. 

Good week, good memories, but it’s great to be back in a warm bunkbed again. 


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